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Cheshire Pet Terms & Conditions

In order to provide the highest possible care for your pets, we require the most effective drugs and modern equipment, all of which has to be bought and maintained.  We also aim to provide you with an exceptional standard of client care and fully trained staff with a comprehensive range of expertise.  We try to keep our fees reasonable, but they do reflect the level of care provided, for example we only employ experienced fully qualified vet nurses and we have 5 of them.


  • Payment is required at the time of treatment, collection of drugs/diets, or on collection of your pet.
  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque with a banker’s card, credit or debit card.
  • If the cost of treatment exceeds £500 you will be allowed to pay over 4 months. If the account is not cleared after this period, then a sum of 8% interest of the original balance will be added to cover our banking costs.
  • Throughout the period of an account being unpaid, we will send you regular copies of your account.


Any cheque returned by our Bank as unpaid, or any Credit Card payment not honoured will result in the account being restored to the original sum with further charges added in respect of bank charges to recover our losses incurred.

Insurance Claims

  • We undertake to claim fees directly from your insurance company. Most practices do not do this but we have decided for clients’ convenience to continue with this service.  It is reviewed annually.
  • At the time of collection of your pet we require you to pay your excess. If you are unsure as to this amount an estimated figure of £80 is to be paid.
  • Prior to, or on the day of your pet’s operation please phone your insurance company for a claim form. We have Petplan claim forms at the clinic.
  • If we do not receive a claim form within 28 days of treatment we cannot promise to undertake direct claims and all costs would fall to you thus requiring immediate payment.
  • If you need any advice on pet insurance we would be more than happy to help, however due to FSA regulations we can no longer advise you on different company policies available. We would urge you to choose a ‘cover-for-life’ policy and read all small print.  The pitfalls to avoid are:
  1. Annual policies where illnesses are only covered for a year – this obviously means any long-term illnesses will stop being paid for after 12mths. You will find it difficult to reinsure as your pet will have a pre-existing condition.
  2. Low levels of cover. They may seem adequate but a policy with, for example, £1000 may not last the length of some long-term illness or emergency treatment.
  3. Maximum benefit policies. For example you are given £3000 to treat conditions.  In many cases this is simply not enough to cover full treatment e.g. long-term conditions such as diabetes / arthritis / hip dysplasia are life-long and can exceed this amount.
  • We would highly recommend Petplan insurance – leaflets are available. We have Petplan application forms that can be completed at Cheshire Pet once a vet-check has taken place and discounts are available.
  • Please note any conditions present before purchasing insurance are pre-existing conditions and therefore not
  • Please remember when we undertake work instructed by you, our contract is with you and not your insurance company. We are not responsible for what they will and won’t pay for.


  • Upon request we can happily provide estimates for treatments costs.
  • Please note any estimate is only an approximation of costs as further or alternative treatments or operative measures may be considered necessary and in the best interests of your pet.
  • If requested we will provide you with regular updates of ongoing treatment when your animal is hospitalised.

Inability to Pay

  • If you are unable to settle your account as specified above please inform a member of staff immediately.
  • All instalments or part-payments of any account can only be sanctioned with the prior permission of Edward Davies – Clinical Director.


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