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Welcome to Cheshire Pet

At Cheshire Pet in Holmes Chapel, we believe that your pets deserve only the very best of care. We are all pet owners with a varied menagerie between us, so we really understand just how important they are to you and your family. That’s why we offer a friendly and professional service, fair prices and a personal approach.

We have all the services you’d expect such as vaccinations, weight management, microchipping and much more, as well as some you might not, such as hydrotherapy and physiotherapy, acupuncture, keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) and exotic medicine.

As a pet owner, it’s really important to keep up with the routine health care that will help your pet stay in great shape and at Cheshire Pet we care about your pets as much as you do! We know that owning a pet can be expensive, so we have regular offers for some of the most common treatments.

So whether you are an old friend or a new client, a cat or a gerbil, in sickness or in health, Cheshire Pet is always here for you.