Covid-19 update: Client advice on what to do during the Coronavirus crisis

Urban Myths

All of the following are urban myths and are NOT TRUE!

  • Dogs & Cats should always have wet noses
  • All ginger cats are male
  • Putting butter on your cat's paws will stop them running away after moving house
  • Tortoises can survive on salad & veg
  • Cats should be put out at night
  • All hamsters are aggressive
  • Snakes are slimy
  • Cats have 9 lives
  • Cats always land on their feet
  • There is a ‘flea’ season
  • Fish can’t ‘feel’
  • Fish have a 3 second memory
  • Scooting along the floor means your pet has worms
  • It's right to always let your bitch have their first season
  • Neutering a male dog changes their personality
  • Spaying any animal means it will put on weight

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