After Dental Care

Your pet's anaesthetic was maintained with Isoflourane, the safest inhalation anaesthetic agent available. Your pet may have a slight cough over the next 24 hours, this may be due to irritation from the tube placed within its windpipe. Your pet may have a shaved area on the foreleg, this is where the intravenous anaesthetic agent was injected. Following an anaesthetic it is best to feed a light diet or a small amount of normal diet. A highly digestible light diet can be provided if you prefer. Water should be provided in small frequent quantities. Cats should be kept indoors for at least 24 hours following an anaesthetic. They may be disorientated and their reactions slower than normal. Your pets teeth have been scaled and polished using equipment of a very high standard. The air compressed dental unit is similar to what may be used by your own dentist! If your pet has had teeth extracted you may notice they drool or seep blood during the evening (this may be more noticeable when they take a drink) if this becomes excessive please contact the surgery. Your pet may experience discomfort whilst eating over the next few days so biscuits may need to be introduced gradually. We can provide a soft lapable diet if this becomes a problem.

Home dental care is now essential to help prevent the build up of plaque and tartar. Plaque can start to build up 24 hours post scaling! We will discuss home care with you and provide a free check up in 6 months. Please read the information leaflets provided. Your pet has had 24-hour pain relief by injection. Your pet has had antibiotics by injection please continue with tablets tomorrow if any have been prescribed. An appointment for your pets check up should be made.