Care of your pets dressing

Bandaging materials are very expensive, hence it is very important that dressings are properly managed once your pet gets home. THE BANDAGE MUST BE KEPT CLEAN AND DRY AT ALL TIMES. If you take your pet out in wet weather then cover the dressing with a strong plastic bag held in place with some sticky tape or an elastic band. THIS MUST BE REMOVED WHEN YOU RETURN HOME TO ALLOW THE BANDAGE TO BREATHE! Pets generally do not like bandages on their feet and so may try to interfere with the dressing! Elizabethan collars are available to prevent this. However, PERSISTENT CHEWING MAY INDICATE A PROBLEM WITH THE DRESSING OR UNDERLYING WOUND. If you have any doubts please contact the clinic. We would also like you to contact the clinic if any of the following occur:

  • The bandage slips or changes shape
  • Your pet chews the bandage excessively or shows signs of discomfort
  • The bandage smells or is soiled
  • Sores develop around the top of the bandage
  • The limb swells above or below the bandage
  • Your pet becomes depressed, feverish or loses appetite

If your pets toes have been left out of the bandage for monitoring these should be felt 3-4 times a day and they should feel warm.