Senior Health Screening

All animals presented for vaccination receive a full health check when we can advise you of any actual or potential health problems. Of course we are happy to give your pet a check-up at any time, particularly if you notice any subtle changes in behaviour, e.g. increased thirst, reluctance to exercise, breathlessness or a slight cough. Any of these may signify the start of a more serious problem. The most important thing to remember is that many of the treatments we can offer alleviate pain and discomfort and improve quality of life. Indeed, many of the conditions attributed to "old age" are treatable. Like us, advancing years can make your pet more prone to health problems and we recommend more regular check-ups as your pet gets older. A blood test and urine analysis to screen for underlying disease in the major organs of the body can be invaluable in detecting the early stages of disease and improving the chances of successful treatment.

These samples can be taken at the surgery as part of our "Senior Pet Programme" with the results being available within 24 hours. In this programme your pet will receive a full health check every six months and many aspects of healthcare together with your particular concerns will be addressed. Don't forget an examination once a year for a pet is like you seeing your doctor only once in seven years!