Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy

Water Walker Physiotherapy

Our water walker is an underwater variable speed treadmill, designed for various skeletal or muscular problems. The water is maintained at a balmy 30°C to make your dog comfortable and to stimulate cardio-vascular activity, which aids circulation to the affected area. Examples of conditions which benefit from water walker physiotherapy are: post-orthopaedic surgery (after sutures removed); fracture repairs; cruciate ligament repairs, excision arthoplasty spinal problems (spondylosis etc); arthritis; OCD (osteo-chrondrosis dessicans); Age-related muscular dystrophy; CDRM; hip dysplasia; Weight loss programmes.


The first session is free! This session will be designed for your dog to become accustomed to the water walker experience. Your pet will receive a check-over by our nurse prior to entering the water walker, before a gentle 5-minute walk on the treadmill with varying water levels. Following sessions will be in 15-30 minute blocks, costing £25 per session. These will be built up depending upon your pet's needs. Check with your insurance company, most companies will cover up to £250 for complimentary therapies.

Please ask at reception, one of our nurses can show you the facilities and answer any queries:

Case Example

Murphy is a 12-year-old basset hound. He had been diagnosed with a prolapsed disc in his spine. The muscles in his back legs had become very weak and he would knuckle over on his right hind. Even after just 4 sessions on the water walker his back legs have become stronger, he can walk up steps and is enjoying a better quality of life.